We Are Residential Specialists

We Are Residential Specialists

Work with a Hard Money Lender who works in the trenches. We have vast experience in fixing and flipping houses. We still buy and sell like you do. Learn from our experience in actually buying more than 650 houses!

Do you want to borrow money from a guy who was not even in the industry during the subprime bust?

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Work with us, the residential specialists!

What We Do

We loan money to investors who buy, fix & flip houses. These loans are short term rehab loans. We take a first position mortgage (or deed of trust) as collateral. Landlord investors may also borrow from us to buy, fix & refinance. We call ourselves a Private Lender or a Hard Money Lender.

We are primarily an asset lender so we take the time to evaluate your ability to find and purchase a property, and to properly rehab it. These talents are more important than your credit score.

We offer personalized service and fast execution. If you get a house under contract at a discount, contact us. We can close quickly and we are here to help.

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